The Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region) is composed by the surroundings of the Alamanzora river, and hence the Almanzora valley. The river flows between two chains of mountains: Sierra de Los Filabres, on the south and Sierra de Las Estancias on the north. The region is bounded by the Comarca del Levante Almeriense (Almeria Eastern Region) to the east, and by the Granada province (Caniles - Baza) to the west.

The area relief goes from the lowest elevations of around 200 metres high on the valley to the highest ones on the mountain range, as the elevation of 2080 metres, in Bacares.

The average height of Arboleas is 270 metres, one of the lowest of the Comarca, although we can find quite high areas, such as Cerro Limera (700 metres) and Sierra de la Murta (500 metres). The rest of the municipality varies normally from 200 to 400 metres high.

Cerro Limera

The geology of Almería province has very special characteristics, which are also found in the Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region), and are completely different to those of the rest of the Península Ibérica. These characteristics include quite young chains of mountains, with a volcanic origin, where the different geological ages are easily identified.

That is the reason that makes the Almería province a unique place for geological tourism.