Almeria and therefore the Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region) is characterized by a distribution of its population around small populated centres, initially called cortijadas, and later called neighbourhoods, as they have increased their population.

Aproximately 80% of the population is distributed like this, remaining the rest -20%- in the town centre, what is commonly known as “pueblo” (town), since the neighbourghoods are suburban areas.

Arboleas has 35 cortijadas or neigbourhoods, distributed around the whole municipality.

It is interesting to have a look to the names of this populated centres that have not changed in the last centuries.

Most of the names of the cortijadas or neighbourhoods come from some common local surnames, such as Los Gilabertes, Los Peraltas, Los Garcías, Los Menchones, Los Blesas. They were actually families with those surnames that settled in that region that has later developed to bigger population centres.

Some other names referred to land circumstances such as La Hoya (the hollow), or the area production like Los Higuerales (fig trees) or El Prado (meadow). There are also names related to the town history such as Perla, that was an old harem, or La Judea, (Jews quarter).

Finally, there are names that were already registered in ancient historic texts such as La Cinta, Limaria, Tahullas or Casablanca.

Anyway, a great deal of the historic and cultural heritage of the town is implicit in the names of these cortijadas. That is why those names need to be preserved.