Agriculture and Stockbreeding

Until recent years, Arboleas was a town with an economy mainly based on agriculture. The town has had different farmings, depending on the season and the demand.

The rise in population in the last years, as well as the demand of housing, caused the farmers to leave the coside and start working in construction and the services sector.

Nevertheless, the fallen of the economic system has positioned agriculture and stockbreeding, with the attached food industry, as new and important employment generators.

Almeria province, in general, and Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region), in particular, is known by the quality of its products. Traditional farming such as almonds and olives reach higher prices than those of other regions. The same happens with stockbreeding, especially goats, with highly prized kids.

Anyway, new products not that known before are being marketed too, such as wine or honey. And we have to highlight Almeria cuisine, which uses high quality products and it is becoming an outstanding industry.